Therapeutic exposure of the entire body to extremely low temperature for up to 3 minutes duration.  Body surface is cooled by vaporized liquid nitrogen that surrounds the body at temperature between -190 to- 256 F. During this process a systemic anti-inflammatory response is triggered that reduces inflamation, improves circulation, boosts body’s metabolic rate and invigorates the mind.


Optimal athletic performance 

Musculoskeletal injuries 

Postsurgical recovery 

Autoimmune and inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis

Skin disorders such psoriasis and dermatitis

Skin aging, elasticity loss and cellulite

Disrupted sleep

Chronic fatigue


High blood pressure

Cardiovascular conditions 


Severe Raynaud’s syndrome






First time cryo -$45

Single session- $65

Package of 3 sessions - $175 (10 % savings)

Package of 5 sessions- $275 (15% savings)

Package of 10 sessions - $450 (30% savings)

Package of 20 sessions- $800 (38% savings)

Local Body Cryo (one area treatment)- $30